Katy Swiftpinkclarkgagaswiftson

1:11 minutes (1.09 MB)

This was a mix from my Tolstoy Lecture of Katy Perry,Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga illustrating how they all used the same techniques of drving rhythm, suspended dominant chords, and vigorous autotuning. I claimed these all express the religion "Something is missing in my life and the yearning I feel fills my whole consciounsess, the whole world. If I could just get what I want (the boy, to dance, the cool car, etc. ), I would be complete and the world would be me."

Mora by Bridge

6:41 minutes (6.12 MB)

Bridge is not polished. It is theraputic journalism.

Ethelo by Bridge

6:09 minutes (5.65 MB)

Bridge cares about apathy.

Ut Solet Aer Purpureus Fieri by Bridge

3:52 minutes (3.56 MB)

qualis ab imbre solent percussis solibus arcus

inficere ingenti longum curvamine caelum;

in quo diversi niteant cum mille colores,

transitus ipse tamen spectantia lumina fallit

Inanis by Bridge

3:08 minutes (2.87 MB)

He rolls the ball up and he rolls the ball down.

Jumba Jamba Happy Birthday

2:31 minutes (2.31 MB)

 Dana Nolan '11, Noelle Poremski '10, and Daniel Masterson create an original jungle-themed song to celebrate their dear friend Kathleen Masterson's day of birth. 

Junk Food Junky by Adam R. Albina

3:33 minutes (2.44 MB)

Here's a tune I wrote several years ago - it's a fun tune to play and was much fun to write.

Infinitival Phrases in Blends of Close Contact by Bridge

4:44 minutes (4.34 MB)

I would sit at the feet of my love like a puppy.

Puppies can never be touched enough.

Do not buy a puppy if you aren't ready to love it.

A puppy is not human. You can put it down.


A Hardcore Christmas

2:36 minutes (3.69 MB)

There is this awesome compilation of Christmas music by pop punk/hardcore/acoustic bands or guys called No Sleep Till Christmas. This is a hardcore rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It starts off pretty normal. I laughed the first time I heard it.

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