Mora by Bridge

6:41 minutes (6.12 MB)

Bridge is not polished. It is theraputic journalism.

Ethelo by Bridge

6:09 minutes (5.65 MB)

Bridge cares about apathy.

Ut Solet Aer Purpureus Fieri by Bridge

3:52 minutes (3.56 MB)

qualis ab imbre solent percussis solibus arcus

inficere ingenti longum curvamine caelum;

in quo diversi niteant cum mille colores,

transitus ipse tamen spectantia lumina fallit

Inanis by Bridge

3:08 minutes (2.87 MB)

He rolls the ball up and he rolls the ball down.

Infinitival Phrases in Blends of Close Contact by Bridge

4:44 minutes (4.34 MB)

I would sit at the feet of my love like a puppy.

Puppies can never be touched enough.

Do not buy a puppy if you aren't ready to love it.

A puppy is not human. You can put it down.


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