3:52am Honest Statement of Purpose

I started my statement of purpose too sterile, a poor reflection of my personality. It was formulaic, written too concisely, and I could not present the true value of philosophy in such a way. There was a change in my heart. It is this statement of purpose which may make or break me, and, if it is to break me, then my philosophical pursuits may truly be best exhibited outside further classroom walls.
I took a break from the application process to listen to some music. I decided to play Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. For me, philosophy is only truly found in questions of Being, questions of Subjectivity and Truth, the Metaphysical and Aesthetic pursuits. These were the thoughts running through my head as I listened to Beethoven’s 7th.

Ah fun with it

How foolish was I all those days ago to think that I'd miss the world I since have let go.
Really, though. I've said it before, and I'll say it once more- I love my life because I have nothing to look forward to. I have my freedom because I have no path in mind. When one does not pro-ject their being into the future, when one does not re-flect back to the past, they find their life moving rather quickly, their present action showing everything which they have amassed.
I told a boy I met recently this (and the one before him the same thing)- you know me just as well as anyone else in my life does. What you see right here is who I am. Yes, I have been different, and yes, I have stories to tell. Yes, I will be different, and yes, I do have dreams as well. But this is me, the person before you, nothing more could you ever see.

Random images

  • oil painting by Hal Reddicliffe - By: Kimberly Kersey Asbury
  • Elizabeth Vincent - By: Kimberly Kersey Asbury
  • DSC02772.JPG - By: Sophie OReilly