A Wee Thought on Greece by Sarah Kallock

A Wee Thought on Greece by Sarah Kallock

 Hello Everyone, 



If any of you want to reply to this please do. I'm not trying to force views upon you. It's so refreshing to be away from such an unbalanced American media enterprise that when I saw this clip I felt morally compelled to say something...I have this new perspective and think that it ought to shared for all our benefit. At most I think some of my points illuminate the outrageous things the American media feels it can say. 


This blurb is in reference to this video: video.foxnews.com/v/4186871/accelerating-towards-socialism/. You don't have to watch it all if, like me, it makes you want to gag.


I just want everyone to know this guy is an idiot.  And since I've been living outside of the influence of these under-informed, inordinate, right-wing pundits for the last 9 months I feel that I can offer a sound perspective on my own experience of a living in a "welfare" state and the economic burdens and benefits generated under such a model. I'm not an expert, but I am a concerned citizen, and I don't want you, my friends and family in America, to be misled by guys like this.

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