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Bahri in the Light of Ra by Kirstin Richardson 11'

Bahri in the Light of Ra
            The dust from my most recent project drifted into my eyes as her face slowly formed in the limestone of her funerary temple. This strong woman, who had commissioned me, could not really be captured by stone, but each project I had tried and tried again to give her ka a proper escape vessel into the afterlife, even if she would never reside here. The nine other statues that I had finished before were in shadowy relief, housed in their niches along the corridor. Gently I caressed her face and thought about the spirit that might one day live in this stone. Only one of divine birth, such as she, could appear so lovely despite having the body of a man and a false beard protruding from her chin. Only she, the Pharaoh, was allowed a beard of any fashion.

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