Hands by Amanda Massey

Hands by Amanda Massey

"Hands" drawing by Amanda Massey

Fall 2010 Drawing

Student Work from the Fall 2010 Drawing Class

Shapes and Spaces--The Sketchbook of Kurt D. Hollomon

 This artist's sketchbook is just lovely! Thought those who are trying their hand at drawing might enjoy.


Line by Line: New Blog on Drawing from the New York Times





James McMullan. Line By Line begins with installments on line, perspective, proportion and structure, and continues from there, using examples from art history to illuminate specific issues. Pencil and paper recommended.




Review: Art House Exhibit "Timebomb" by Biff Bastarache

 Review: Art House Exhibit "Timebomb" by Biff Bastarache


posterIt was a somewhat surreal experience walking to the exhibit. The upper apartments on Saint Anselm campus are well known for a rowdy night life. As one walks towards apartment A-4, one notices the evidence of that reputation scattered about the ground. The pathways on this Ash Wednesday evening were dark and quiet, and a different life was stirring. In one apartment, the Residential Living Community known as the Art House, carpets were being vacuumed, shelves tidied, and shirts tucked in. Among the row-upon-row of identical doors, the one marked A-4 opened onto something different. We were welcomed by Jared Butler, senior philosophy major and organizer of the Art House RLC, into the suite’s front room, which had been  transformed into a gallery. On the floor was a new red carpet with an oriental flair, and along the four walls, at head’s height, ran a series of pencil drawings on paper professionally mounted on red frames, with the room’s temporary status as gallery marked by a large deep red poster: “Time Bomb: Works on Paper by Biff Bastarache.”

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