Summer Lovin' Photography 2016

Please enjoy a selection of photos taken by me during the 2016 Summer Vacation. In this album, I traveled from to Longbeach Key, Florida to the great waters of Niagara Falls to Corning, New York, home of the greatest Glass Museum. These pictures are a selection of the many photos I took on my journey. I specialize in color photography, which can be seen throughout this album and many others that I have. 

Fall Images

 Fall Images

by Kimberly Kersey Asbury

Viewing Elsa Voelcker @ Starving Artist

 Snapshots of exhibition. Up for one more week!

Closing October 2nd, 2010


    Vulnerability is a major issue in America today. Our mythology of independence, the Daniel Boone mystique, forces people without adequate resources into isolation. But alienation is not true personal freedom. In an effort to maintain an armor around the painful self, many people are resorting to body piercings.
     To some people, body piercing is alarming. I felt that way myself, before I began my photographic study entitled Piercing Portraits, the Body as Canvas. As I photographed people in all age groups and walks of life with body piercings, I began to see the people behind the piercings, trying to find a way to be unique in the world and become part of a supportive tribe. A mutual respect formed as my subjects proudly displayed their piercings . As a college professor, I noticed students acquiring more and more piercings. Piercing becomes legal at age eighteen, and students are away from home for the first time. They are patronizing piercing parlors around colleges, because young people see piercing as a rite of passage. When they find out that they can withstand the pain, they are eager to plan the next piercing. Many of the participants noted an addictive quality; the pain seems to release endorphins, creating a different state of mind.
     These works are taken from a series of black and white portraits photographed using a medium format camera and printed on gelatin silver paper.

"Piercing Portraits: the Body as Canvas", Exhibition by Elsa Voelcker - Sept 11th, 3-5pm

Sep 11 2010 3:05 pm

Piercing Portraits: the Body as Canvas, is a dynamic photographic exhibition by Elsa Voelcker. The exhibition opens September 11th, 3-5 P.M., at the Starving Artist Gallery, in Keene, New Hampshire.  Voelcker teaches traditional photography at Franklin Pierce College and at Saint Anselm College.



summer images, 2010


Photos by Kimberly Kersey Asbury

Dimensions: 8x10 and 13x17

Pigment-based Inks 

on Archival Cotton Rag & Fiber-Based Epson Photo Papers.


Random images

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  • DSC_0037 (2).JPG - By: mdessanti
  • studentwork_20100422_0828.JPG - By: Kimberly Kersey Asbury