Summer Lovin' Photography 2016

Please enjoy a selection of photos taken by me during the 2016 Summer Vacation. In this album, I traveled from to Longbeach Key, Florida to the great waters of Niagara Falls to Corning, New York, home of the greatest Glass Museum. These pictures are a selection of the many photos I took on my journey. I specialize in color photography, which can be seen throughout this album and many others that I have. 




things  coming   apart
have     their    own                order
and                their   own

as the order that binds them
                magic grabs
   the pieces from the darkness
between the spaces where they were

and as if
         in loving care
guides and whispers, soft persuasion uses,
     to the new born blankness
     of shatterings oblivion
                                      calling fragments
                                      to postures new and







I held her hand,

As the dark-coiled clouds

Pressed and tumbled over each other,

Spreading, piling high as they surged forth

From some unseen source

Of darkness in the sky.

We walked along the river’s edge,

And she, oblivious, splashed happily

In the spreading puddles,

As sheets of dark rain,
Palpable fingers,

Slapped the surface of the river,

Sending patterns of waves

This way and that

Until the waters seethed like a cauldron

And lines of spray danced upon the surface

Beneath the darkened sky.



Would ,Warm Waters, that your cleansing embrace,

my sole with timid touch burned anon,

(But what soul could shy from such soothing grace!)

Bubble and boil about ever long!

To cool now would betray your fountain’s lord,
abandoning your care to hostile air!
Dry enemy let each lung amply hoard,
that your imminent victim prolong despair.


For standing again will stiffen my bones,

Random images

  • Floralia-4370.jpg - By: dbanach
  • IMG_0536.jpg - By: dbanach
  • Beaudoin-IMG_0368.jpg - By: dbanach