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Poetry Workshop Zine Cover

Poetry Workshop Zine Cover

 Cover from last year's Zine.

Poetry for Oscar Grant and The Hate U Give

 Poetry related to the killing of Oscar Grant, the inspiration for Angie Thomas's novel The Hate U Give, which we are discussing this month on campus.

It Happened Here






Here are some of the submissions we got for the "It Happened Here" Feature. Some of these have been changed to remove identifying features. We also had some courageous and touching stories shared at the Open Mic.

Each Voice that speaks out, makes other victims feel less alone, and less to blame. Each voice makes it easier for others to break the silence. Rape Culture can only exist when we look away and don't see it for what it is. Thanks to all these courageous voices for starting the process.


Poems for AVERT against Rape Culture

 Here are Some Poems that speak the truth about Rape Culture:







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