• New Art Theater's production of Oedipus Rex at Dana Center this week only   10 years 43 weeks ago

    We are giving gone two tickets to this play as well. That ought to tide you theater lovers more cheap priscilla queen of the desert tickets
     than until next summer. Winners may choose to go to any recital of the plays.cheap in the heights tickets

  • madison avenue   11 years 6 weeks ago

    I like the compostion in both, and it is funny how you got a photo of another photographer at the same moement.

  • Some Occu-Thoughts   11 years 6 weeks ago

    occupy yourself

    take control

    by giving in

    to the task

    at hand

    give yourself

    to the present


    occupy time

    as it


    and only when you


    where you are now

    will you find



    in the space you 




  • reasonable doubt   11 years 13 weeks ago

    at every moment give birth

    to a possible self

    and kill another.

    linger a moment

    and gaze lovingly

    at the self

    you might



  • it's been a while since we've talked   11 years 15 weeks ago


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  • The wandering of my mind tonight O.o   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Few things:


    I get where you come from on the Apples to Apples... it's not the same when they don't get you.


    Second Howl's Moving Castle is a genius movie... it blows my mind.


    But mostly...nostalgia consumes most of us at this stage. Puting What and if together makes things harder, it's a death sentence to the wandering sleepless mind. its a dangerous situation in all cases. 

  • What is it about the late night?   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Love this.

  • The wandering of my mind tonight O.o   11 years 19 weeks ago

    The best part about this is "and then we decided to play apples to apples."


    Top notch.

  • What is it about the late night?   11 years 19 weeks ago

    the quiet minds are all at rest

    silence fills the spaces

    conducting sparks in darkness

    speading fire from mind to restless mind.




  • My Soules   11 years 20 weeks ago

    i must have overlooked this before but yeah KIM it's strange that social issues and particularly the effects of ECONOMIC INEQUALITY AND GOVERNMENTAL ABSURDISM  aren't in much of the work on the site

  • the thirteenth step   11 years 20 weeks ago

    This picture moves when I look at it! I would buy a print of this! 

  • Viewing Elsa Voelcker @ Starving Artist   11 years 20 weeks ago
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  • Shatterings   11 years 21 weeks ago


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  • driving without a map   11 years 24 weeks ago

    Oh my god focus versus unfocused. Love

  • telling   11 years 29 weeks ago

    Holy crap light. I wanna call it the contemplative artist, but the word frustrated sticks in my head.

  • Suburbia I've Given You Nothing And Now I'm Everything.   11 years 30 weeks ago

     franzen franzen franzen!

    this reads in circles but makes so much sense.

  • Shatterings   11 years 32 weeks ago

    excellent poem, really beautiful and reflective. 

  • Quatrain Release and Poetry Reading   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Actor and rapper Common sprang out at the White House last night.This poetry-night performance was in defiance of controversy. A part of the White House Music Series, coordinated by Michelle Obama, the event sprang out to go off without a hitch. Critics of the choice of Common were worried it would appear the White House was encouraging violence. The proof is here: Rapper Common advocates non-violence at White House event: read at newsytype.com

  • Shatterings   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Holy crap.



    I'm in love with the form of the poem.

  • What the End of the Year Taught Me About Living Deliberately   11 years 35 weeks ago

     well put.

  • and miles to go before i sleep   11 years 38 weeks ago


  • Magnolias   11 years 38 weeks ago

     the second photo... dear lord.

    (ALL of these are gorgeous.)

  • Through The Lens Of A Watchmaker   11 years 39 weeks ago

    I enjoy the fact that it is stylistically progressive. I read it aloud to myself and found the lines relentless in the best way possible.


    Plus good alliteration, I'm a sucker for it.

  • Through The Lens Of A Watchmaker   11 years 39 weeks ago

    thanks :) 

  • Through The Lens Of A Watchmaker   11 years 39 weeks ago

     this is gorgeous, so auditory. 

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