• Under the Influence: Boredom (At Work)   10 years 46 weeks ago


  • Affliction   10 years 47 weeks ago

    The lighting is so boss.

  • Fall Images   10 years 50 weeks ago

    beautiful beautiful beautiful. these portraits are stunning. i love the second one. 

  • opus 21   10 years 50 weeks ago

    empty tables, black and white

    still carry traces

    of resonating luminescent steaks

    of colored laughter. 

  • open to the pull   10 years 50 weeks ago

    The ocean is like art.

    Cutting down the clutter of life to spare lines and open sky.

    So that we can stand its overwhelming beauty. 

  • Lacerating Lacerations.   11 years 2 days ago

    This was pretty Awesome! I'll have to try reading Rebellion while listening to Folly too. (That actually sounds like a good song title;)

  • Life in Hell   11 years 1 week ago

    This isn't really a fair representation of what I think about the divisions in Art History, or the divisions in any discipline for that matter.  Yes, of course there is something very different going on in modern art when compared to Michelangelo.  For that matter, the spiritualism of Rouault and Kandinsky isn't really a true spiritualism at all to me, as the former was aware of the absence of the traditionalism necessary for an authentic spirituality in his art and the latter never progressed to a spiritualism of an objective nature, that is: beyond his own subjective framework, even if he did familiarize himself to great extent with traditional art.  By spirituality in art here I mean an art that treats the spiritual as an ontological reality, which is what each of these artists have in common, and not merely a state of consciousness or something of the sort.  


    What I do want to stress here is that this is more of a "creative writing" response to what I perceive to be a narrow minded, ill-informed view of art over the centuries.  This view, if I could express it as I understand it, would be: "Due to modernity's evils, the modern artist has become an alienated, angry individual who hates his family, God, society, etc and who shares nothing in common with artists of tradition.  On top of that, nudity in art is wrong."  This is a view for which I would without fail have suspicion, and would attack with any string of words I could muster, whether they be didactic or poetic in their organization. 

  • The World Never Known   11 years 1 week ago

     mmm throwbacks to whitman are worth it.

    lovely lovely. 

  • Life in Hell   11 years 1 week ago

    Beautiful, Lover

  • Fall Images   11 years 1 week ago


  • Fall Images   11 years 2 weeks ago

    You captured an amazing moment. She looks like a sprite or elf  living among the leaves,

  • The Wonder Years Review   11 years 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the nice review. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lyrics, they all had the common them of alienation from the values that drive the lives of the communities they find themselves in, and they usual mixture of pain and longing seeping out from each line. But the metaphors were fresh and the rhythms and cadences were well formed for song lyrics. The best surprise though was the music itself that went with them, which I would not have predicted from just reading the lyrics: upbeat and driving and driven towards self-creation, without a wisp of self-pity or angst. It was as if the music went beyond the lyrics to see that to define yourself in opposition to the opinions of another is still to let their opinions define you, and that freedom comes from forgetting them, forgiving yourself, and surging forward into what you can be.  So thanks. I might actually grab a couple of these songs and put them in my mix of upbeat tunes to listen to as I'm doing dishes, though I realize that was probably not what they had in mind as their target audience ;)


  • Special Comment on the Statement on Inclusiveness and Sexual Orientation   11 years 2 weeks ago

    I never understood why we make such a big deal out of who people choose to have sex with. Personally I don't think sex is a huge part of a relationship (especially after a few years so I've heard).


    We've all got bigger things to worry about, and of course people shouldn't discriminate against anybody, especially something so stupid as sex.



  • Special Comment on the Statement on Inclusiveness and Sexual Orientation   11 years 3 weeks ago

    A reactive statement to the statement to the statement about Inclusivenes


    Boy, do I wish I could give a damn. I don’t fight for much institutional change. Reading a bit of Marx lately and I think I would rather stick to changing hearts. Forms are ghosts to me, dead structures haunting the living. I never fill out paper-work on time, I can’t return books to the library, I don’t vote, my Dad does my taxes, I just make the money. I am ever indebt to those who assist (or often take over) my little nugas, my exchanges with institution. (Hey seniors, did anyone forget to hand in the Intent to Graduate form?) So, I say now that I am a camp-fire, well-contained and roasting marsh-mellows. You, be for me a wild fire. Be a thief! Take my flame! Burn the world and tread its embers! But let me be contained. I am no mover, I could not even format a response to match Jared’s format and thereby complete the resemblance of formality. I do not play with grenades in the city, but I will discuss the news. I am no mover. I let you move.


  • Recursive Cell Phones   11 years 3 weeks ago

    Holy cow!! These are even cooler than the ones in Strange Loop!

  • Special Comment on the Statement on Inclusiveness and Sexual Orientation   11 years 3 weeks ago

    Well and thoughtfully said, Jared. I'll write a response this weekend, but it was a start to the necessary task of thinking through what an ethics of loves asks of us with respect to all persons, irregardless of sexual orientation. You can't expect everyone to agree with you, but you can expect respect and that your reasonable and reflective arguments be answered in kind.

  • summer images, 2010   11 years 3 weeks ago

    Thanks - It's funny it worked out that way - I was momentarily spooked by this young sheep. She ran at me while I knelt down to shoot. Not sure what exactly I was afraid she'd do, however :) If she "got" me.

  • Curves and Curls   11 years 3 weeks ago

    "[Let photography], in short, be the secretary and record-keeper of whomsoever needs absolute material accuracy for professional reasons.... But if once it be allowed to impinge on the sphere of the intangible and the imaginary, on anything that has value solely because man adds something to it from his soul, then woe betide us!

    (Charles Baudelaire, "The Modern Public and Photography," from Part 2 of The Salon of 1859



    Charles here had quite the failure of imagination--maybe this was written during a period of ennui.   Beautiful pictures--"The force..." that these images capture speaks more of the intangible and the imaginary to me than anything Baudelaire's written, save for maybe a handful of poems when I'm in a particular mood.  Sure, the power of these photographs owes to Nature; I'd say too that Thomas' words owe their strength to the very object of the poem.  Like a tube of paint squeezed across a canvas, it squeezes the green out of the Earth, the pigment from Thomas' hair, and the brilliant words and images from his soul.


    Sure, the power of these photographs owes to Nature, but my mortal eyes can see only so much; they truly look at far less than they can see.  So screw Baudelaire; thanks for sharing these.  I believe they serve as a powerful metaphor, or at least a vehicle or way of thinking about, the soul and our existence in time.


  • Fine Arts Faculty & Staff work   11 years 3 weeks ago

     these colors are beautiful

  • summer images, 2010   11 years 3 weeks ago

     i really love the close up portraits of the sheep. there is something so bold and haunting about them.

  • Fall2010-jscribblerphoto   11 years 3 weeks ago

     oh my god, dana. this is beautiful. thank you.

  • Ode to the Drunk Guys Outside the Window   11 years 3 weeks ago

    Whoever wrote this deserves an awesome award.

  • Fall2010-justinephotography   11 years 3 weeks ago

     this looks wonderful. thanks so much. :)

  • Cerebral Whispers   11 years 4 weeks ago

    I think in those first few stanzas the author admits of some terrible things as well.

  • Cerebral Whispers   11 years 4 weeks ago

    I love this.


    Sophomore Prophet reminds me of myself, especially considering its a nigh direct quote from yours truly.


    Now I feel arrogant as hell.





    Always afraid to be thus

    Always worried, prefacing questions

    "I'm not trying to be arrogant but"

    Who the hell is trying to be arrogant?


    This feeling pervades all aspects of life

    Found everywhere

    Ruining the best of men

    Creating worthless elitism


    Hubris. Not only the issue of the tragic hero

    Also the issue of modern life.

    So now I too, like Odysseus will strive forth

    On mine own odyssey, to return to who I am.


    This will hurt.



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