• 2010-2976   11 years 9 weeks ago

    I'd like to know more about this picture!

  • A Wee Thought on Greece by Sarah Kallock   11 years 23 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed reading this even though I disagree. I have a soft spot for Glenn Beck and for FOX News even though I'll be the first to say that both are probably bad and with total bias.


    Glenn Beck is a product of the state of our times. He is a populist calling "the people" back to the roots of our forefathers. Whatever that means. For some reason people seem to love Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. People love FOX News since it is constantly the most watched tv news source in America. I think the reason why (and this is what I have noticed from watching many news stations) is that FOX News actually takes a stance.


    As a standard American I would rather see someone take a stance on something than just try to say it from both sides and not say what is better. Ultimately I believe that people should work towards some kind of greater good. The standard person (the common man if you will) is tired of people saying everything is equally good, bad, or neither.


    It is pretty crazy to be a human being regardless. Our thought gets so confusing. I should probably go write a poem about feeling like I know nothing. I apologize for the ranty nature of this.


    Jeremy M.

  • Ceramics   11 years 24 weeks ago

    I love the images of the process. I so want to take this class now!

  • Ceramics   11 years 24 weeks ago

     This is lovely! Accidently clicked wrong face - HAPPY face, I meant. Nice work!

  • A Night in Venice by Molly Walsh   11 years 24 weeks ago

    I really love this. I like, especially, the blue on the sky, water and buildings, the feel of the reflections in the water, and the quality of the space under the bridge. I'd love to hear more about the process of painting this.

  • Days Like this Keep me Warm a Short Film by Rob Lemire   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Awesome video and the music is perfect. 

  • Lucubrations Launch Party   11 years 25 weeks ago

    This is making me hungry. 

  • Pointless by Christopher O'Brien   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Yeah, Camus was actually the inspiration for this, more specifically the book The Stranger.

  • Pointless by Christopher O'Brien   11 years 25 weeks ago

    This fit nicely with the Camus unit in Humanities!

  • Pointless by Christopher O'Brien   11 years 25 weeks ago

    That got on here pretty quick, thanks.

  • Expressions of Campus by Jay Bowie   11 years 25 weeks ago

     i really like this one!

  • Thoughts on the Snowman   11 years 26 weeks ago

    It is remarkable that Dona Maria chose this painting to write a poem insofar as another poem was the inspiration behind the work.  I did the painting after reading "The Snow Man" by Wallace Stevens.  It appeared in his first book of poetry "Harmonium" in 1923:


    The Snow Man


    One must have in mind of winter

    To regard the frost and the boughs

    Of the pine-trees crusted with snow;


    And have been cold a long time

    To behold the junipers shagged with ice,

    The spruces rough in the distant glitter


    Of the January sun; and not to think

    Of any misery in the sound of the wind,

    In the sound of a few leaves,


    Which is the sound of the land

    Full of the same wind

    That is blowing in the same bare place


    For the listener, who listens in the snow,

    and, nothing himself, beholds

    Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.


    Thanks Dona Maria -- I'll collaborate anytime!





  • the essence of a woman   11 years 26 weeks ago

     oh, okay! i actually didn't mean to do that. i like the album set up. looks neater. thanks a lot!

  • the essence of a woman   11 years 26 weeks ago

    Since you are posting your imges into a story. You can just click on the image and drag he corner to resize it.


    You can also choose the size that you initially put in with image picker, if that is what you are using to upload and insert the image.


    around 200 to 300 for the longest side is a good thumbnail size, then you can click on it to see full size.


    The first two you uploaded were in image type posts, and the the last two were in story type posts. Did you mean to do that?

    Image posts do the sizing automatically. In story types you have to choose the size manually in image picker.


    I created and album for you and uploaded the images into it. Let me know if you prefer that format.

  • Photos of Shakespeare's Birthday 2010 by Noelle Poremski   11 years 26 weeks ago

     great photo of Fr. Augustine

  • the essence of a woman   11 years 26 weeks ago

    need to re-size, I believe, prior to uploading! 

  • the essence of a woman   11 years 26 weeks ago

    I shall give it a try for you! :) 

  • the essence of a woman   11 years 26 weeks ago

     is there anyway of resizing this (as well as 'naoko') on here? is there a way to auto-resize on the site?

  • lash   11 years 26 weeks ago

     thank you! i agree about humanities; i was trying out some picasso-esque drawing last night.

    there is an image upload function that you can use to alter photos or graphics with the drawing tool. it looks like it creates a second layer to the image and you can draw on/over that. i follow a few photographers on flickr who have done that to some of their photos. looks awesome. i'm obsessed with this thing.

  • lash   11 years 26 weeks ago

    I tried it out. It is remarkable. I make a simple line drawing that means nothing, but as the algorithm transforms it, I start to have an emotional reaction to it, like to a work of art, but there is no author in the normal sense. I guess you could see it as tool for making your own art, but I have no clue how it works or how it will transform what I draw. Very Inteeresting! Maybe I'll use it in Humanitides to talk about Picasso. Thanks! Your pieces are beautiful. I wish I could see what you started with. I wish you could scribblerize images you upload.

  • lash   11 years 26 weeks ago

     it was created on a website that i found last night called scribbler. it's a free drawing space with a lot of cool and interesting effects. such a time sink, i'll tell you.

  • Pictures from Professor Dalton's Party   11 years 26 weeks ago

    Ted Hughes and Sylia Plath. Ted quickly releases his sleeper hold on Sylvia's neck, while making a somewhat convincing display of affection and cleverly changes his snarl to a playful grin. Sylvia looks up in melancholic surprise while awakening from the pressure induced sedation.

  • Pictures from Professor Dalton's Party   11 years 26 weeks ago

    possibly the cutest mutant i have ever seen

  • Pictures from Professor Dalton's Party   11 years 26 weeks ago

    doesn't it look like Prof. Spoerl is sitting on the piano quite Hellenistically?

  • lash   11 years 26 weeks ago

    This is amazing. What is it made of?

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