• Near Sullivan Arena taken Winter 2010 by Rebecca Damon   11 years 26 weeks ago

    I really like this one. It captures the magical feeling of snowfall on a quiet winter's night.

  • April Tree near Geisel Library by Claudia Bissett   11 years 26 weeks ago

    This is beautiful. I love the twisted trunk of the tree and the way you've framed it.

  • Photos of Shakespeare's Birthday 2010 by Noelle Poremski   11 years 26 weeks ago

    How did you manage to catch me with my head in the bushes with a smile on my face?


    It looks like I was pretending to be Dionysus or Dylan Thomas tickled by the rub of love.


    In either case my soul was well hidden, a sight not suitable for photography.

  • the second entry   11 years 26 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed this reflection. It reminded me of so many of my favorite books.


    Every instant contains enough to fill me forever, overflows my boundaries, threatens to disintegrate the subtle equilibrium of the ebb and flow that is me. Every set of eyes that rests on ours, or that looks away, contains a world of impulses, fears, pains, and hopes that call us into them to a life that would overwhelm ours. As you saw, even the remnants of human lives contained in artifacts present us with enough of the effluences of human lives to overwhelm us. Most of human culture, both in art and patterns of human relations, aims at filtering and focusing the stream of values into bits faint and contained enough for us to handle and integrate into ourselves.

    Even the addict is taking in all they can handle, though we might think their ability to take in the beauty of the world while retaining their integrity is very attenuated. Yet even they, in their flight from the disorienting grandeur of being, express a beauty and intensity of pain and life that would overwhelm us, which is why we look away. They are naked in front of us. Most human comportment and etiquette aims at withholding the immensity that lurks inside us from the gaze of intimacy.

    The problem with intimacy is not time and pace, but that most forms of culture are meant to contain and filter the unending universe of things that flows through us at each moment. Leisurely walks. hour long dinners, and extended silences are not by their nature more intimate, but they open up safe spaces for us to relax our defenses and let the world seep into us in bits we can handle. We exchange bits of ourselves at a rate we can handle. Like most natural phenomena, it is the rate of flow that matters. Culture depends on the calculus of love.

    Some of us, at certain moments are able to let down our defenses and stand naked before the flow of  things into us. Children, poets, lovers, and madmen stand without skin and see all there can be within a moment. But they do so at a great risk of losing the delicate harmony of the song which is their identity in the tumult and chaos of the beauty that is life. Human culture is cotton balls for the ears of the soul. For those who can bear to take them out, there can be intimacy and fullness of life in an instant, but at great peril to one's self. Such moments threaten to change us utterly at each instant.*  Hence, "She always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day" Virginia Woolf  (Mrs. Dalloway)

    He, too, has been changed in his turn,
    Transformed utterly:
    A terrible beauty is born.

    William Butler Yeats  ( Easter 1916)

    "at what moment, of all our moments, is life not utterly, utterly changed, until the final, most momentous change of all?"  (John Banville. The Sea)

  • Photos of Shakespeare's Birthday 2010 by Noelle Poremski   11 years 26 weeks ago

    Dana: Wow, that picture is nuts.

    Noelle: Why? You can see into Banach's soul?... no you can't.

  • Deidra Golino - Senior Thesis Exhibition -"Evolution"- April 23rd, 4-6pm in Comiskey Art Center   11 years 26 weeks ago

    These were amazing. I really enjoyed them at the exhibit. The muted colors and background gave them a weathered ancient feel, but the images had such vitality and motion



  • Sunshine by Nicole Comeau   11 years 26 weeks ago

    the great things about this photo is that i know the spot and have been there many times. but here it is so foreign, it is not the same place.

  • Cristina M. Keiley's Thesis Exhibition - "My New York" --Friday, April 23rd 2010 4-6pm @ Comiskey Art Bldg   11 years 27 weeks ago

     this is incredible. i can tell she put her soul into this exhibit. love it!

  • Kara Consigli - Senior Thesis Exhibition (this Friday, April 23rd, 4-6pm)   11 years 27 weeks ago

    by Kara Consigli

    Fine Arts Senior, Class of 2010 

  • Juried 2010 Student Exhibit at the Chapel Arts Center.   11 years 27 weeks ago

     Really impressed, Rhondaleigh.

  • threads   11 years 27 weeks ago

    cool, it's got the s-shape and everything.

    i agree- the eye is ghostly


  • threads   11 years 27 weeks ago

    This is such a cool picture I love the almost surreal detail of the brim sticking out of us combined with the spooky ghostly appearance of the eye and the back of the hat almost looks like a ghostly shroud.

    The composition is exquisiste too. if you are interested here is the image with a golden section grid:


  • Junk Food Junky by Adam R. Albina   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Mostly just a fun song inspired by a young friend of the family who loves junk food.  There is a little tongue in cheek social commentary on consumerism in the food industry.  The idea that food can be an alibi, make someone funky, or that one could be broccoli intolerant is poking a bit of fun at our eating habits in the US.  But - it is mostly just a fun song.  I appreciate the comments...



  • Junk Food Junky by Adam R. Albina   11 years 27 weeks ago

    so good- it's a foot tapper certainly

    is it a fun song or are you making any social commentaries?

    either way it was fun


  • diurnals   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Do the angels envy this flesh?

    Bleeding, sweaty pits, and burps
    Mucous, plaque, and oozing phlegm
    Short of breath panic and dilating pupils,
    Burning in the brain and spots before your eyes
    A million stinging pinpricks as your foot falls asleep
    Frantic racing shards of thought as your brain wakes
    Racing blood and flushing cheeks insides showing out
    Torpor dragging eyelids droop nothing sinking in.
    Balance if I yes the cold
    Pills and stiff are joints the no
    Blown wide gnawing feelings dripping
    Helpless frozen knotted chest
    Gripping throat hand claws for air
    Temple throbbing vein ear buzz
    Heaves split knuckles spasm
    Chafed knees choke
    Spit tears salt blood
    Paralyzed trembling
    Frozen swaying
    Insides can’t stay in
    Come out.
    These birthing pains of the soul born to light
    This weight of the spirit on the flesh
    This corporeal crushing
    This fetid filth
    Do the angels yearn for it?
    Feel the burn for it in their craw
    Need it like the sweat stained salty brow
    Baked by a merciless sun
    Needs the cool and clear and cleansing rain
    Need it like the pilgrim weary from his wanders
    Worn with wear and crushed with care.
    Needs the warm embrace
    of loving arms.
  • A Meditation   11 years 27 weeks ago

    breath struggles to terminate,

    yet men this truth deny




    pharynx, tongue




    shaping words of infinity,

    the greatest



  • Ivan and Alyosha   11 years 27 weeks ago

    I love that you can tell which one is Ivan and which is Alyosha.


    Innocence is easy to love, even close up.


  • A Meditation   11 years 27 weeks ago

    This morning I tried to clear my mind. I've been struggling with the ontology of painting. I need to clear my mind and focus and try to just experience. This morning I couldn't. It was so difficult to get the clutter of everything out of my head- the work I have to do, the quiz I just took, the last few weeks, the cars around me. I gave up and decided I would try and find it later. This is just what I needed. Beautiful Kathleen.

  • Lucubrations Launch Party   11 years 27 weeks ago

    time breathes
    inhale exhale
    expanding and contracting
    over the durations of our care
    quanta corresponding
    to the impact of each instant
    some like a
    as if they
    never happened
    some radiating outward
    none big enough
    to hold the
    moments that matter.

  • A Meditation   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Just after I read this a patch of blue sky opened up in my back yard for the first time in days. I'm convinced that this is what did it.

  • Misc. by Sophie O'Reilly   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Thanks! It was pretty neat being able to watch the fireworks over the bridge while in a boat.

  • Misc. by Sophie O'Reilly   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Me too! Our stand looked very vibrant that day.

  • Lucubrations Launch Party   11 years 27 weeks ago

    A faint and moist pink

    singed up beneath my eyes 

    as the slideshow passed on by.

    What happened

    To bring so much joy?

    What labor disguises

    as a desire to fight?

    What people fought along

    in the frantic separation

    and individuality?


    Maybe those are they,

    shot with a transcendent lens.

    They are prominent

    in any focus.


    I'll measure the memory

    to what will happen upon us and me.


    Stuff that effects feeling

    is worth attention.

    But, what will happen to me, to us?


    The clock changes purpose;

    it has just changed mine.

  • Misc. by Sophie O'Reilly   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Love the Colors!

  • Misc. by Sophie O'Reilly   11 years 27 weeks ago

    This is an amazing picture!

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