• Drawings, Fall 2008   11 years 33 weeks ago

    Will Suglia's self-portrait, bottom right! 

  • Reply   11 years 34 weeks ago

    Ahh you meant the image with it.


    The tangled shapes that look like snakes are pens. I'm sure there is a Freudian message in there somewhre.

  • organics   11 years 34 weeks ago

    I recognize that bamboo! I like the light and shadow on the top of the stalk.

  • In and Out   11 years 34 weeks ago

    Which the more natural,

    Storm or still?

    Does the water rest, relieved

    To regain its solemn face?

    Or does it resist the stretched tightness

    Of calm drawn over

    The whirling dance of the storm?

  • not ee   11 years 35 weeks ago



    can see


    your heart

  • not ee   11 years 35 weeks ago





    can see


    your heart

    can stand


  • tea sachets   11 years 35 weeks ago

    What are these habits? They have an aspect of comfort with consistency by making new situations familiar. There is also a superstition, a sort of sacrifice that this habit if done will bring pleasure. You twist expectation by presenting the reward of a habit as something not popularly accepted as pleasure- pain. 

    A quick burst of ice from the shower head after a long steaming wash. Kind of similar.

  • the petersons   11 years 35 weeks ago

    I remember the time we met at that diner in Georgia. The kind that stays open 24 hours. It was early spring, I was seventeen, and we had just finished a week of intensive training at Hilton Head, South Carolina for the upcoming lacrosse season. My body had been screaming at me all week. My muscles were sore, my joints ached, and a plaguing injury gnawed at the back of my mind - but it was worth it just to see the dolphins swimming parallel to us during our early morning runs on the beach. Waking well before dawn, we packed into a van to begin our drive to the airport in Georgia. The van stopped at this small diner on the side of the road. We tumbled out, half asleep. Sitting in the diner we were silent, too tired to talk. The server came and I broke the silence by ordering a cheeseburger. It was 6:30 in the morning. By the afternoon, we were back home in Rhode Island. Greeted by the frigid air and snow, the sun was colder. Less forgiving and not at all encouraging.

  • Cotton   11 years 35 weeks ago

    cotton sheets cool my cheek
    warm rays
    and the smells of rain on leaves

    drowsy head pillow pressed
    to a cotton  case
    muffles the dawn's

    like voices in a language
    I don't know
    mumbling wonders of a
    new day

  • DSC00672   11 years 35 weeks ago

    I don't remember exactly what it was. There were a bunch of them located right on the water in Sydney, it may have been a lamp post of some sort?

  • DSC01487   11 years 35 weeks ago

    This one is my favorite

  • An old man's voice...   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Can't wait for the latin translation.



    Nonnullus nox noctis narro summitto
    Nonnullus dies sono superus
    Nonnullus meridianus imbibo capulus





    BTW> There is a little button with a MS Word symbol on it that will let you paste MS Word text in with formatting. Try using that instead of CNTRL_V

  • DSC00648   11 years 35 weeks ago

    That is a pretty amazing shot!

  • DSC00672   11 years 35 weeks ago

    That looks so cool and sinister. What is it?

  • TIMEBOMB by Biff Bastarache   11 years 36 weeks ago

    This one is my favorite out of the three you took of us.

  • Snow Threads   11 years 36 weeks ago

    I took these last night at high ISO and low shutter speeds. I wish I had taken more time finding interesting forms in the background and trying different camera motions, but I had already been out shoveling for an hour, and the people across the street called my wife saying there was a crazy person taking pictures in our yard.

  • ice storm '08   11 years 36 weeks ago

    These were great. That storm was beautiful.


    I love the image of Saint A's at night too. Can I use it for a site header? It is much better than the one  got from the college site. 

  • Snow Threads   11 years 36 weeks ago

    I love the title Snow Threads. I feel like I can start weaving with the "threads" of the snow in this photograph.

  • Header Images   11 years 36 weeks ago

    The header images are mostly from the flickr open source collection and from Wikipedia commons.


    Different types of group posts have to be enabled by the group admin or by a site admin. Site admins can enable things like polls under organic groups content types.


    I've just reset them sitewide so that all are available. if groups editors want to simplify things you can disable some on the content type tab of the main page.

  • Header Images   11 years 36 weeks ago

    I love the image with the fountain pen and "I'm trying" written on the paper.

  • Header Images   11 years 36 weeks ago

    If header images are the photos above the orange menu- i think they are great. Whose are they? question when you visit a page such as philosophy art etc... are all the options in the left side bar such as create poll available?

  • Blog   11 years 37 weeks ago
    andy warhol?
  • Freedom of Structure   11 years 37 weeks ago
    Tsd ofh rj

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