By Noelle - Posted on 20 September 2010

I started my statement of purpose too sterile, a poor reflection of my personality. It was formulaic, written too concisely, and I could not present the true value of philosophy in such a way. There was a change in my heart. It is this statement of purpose which may make or break me, and, if it is to break me, then my philosophical pursuits may truly be best exhibited outside further classroom walls.
I took a break from the application process to listen to some music. I decided to play Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. For me, philosophy is only truly found in questions of Being, questions of Subjectivity and Truth, the Metaphysical and Aesthetic pursuits. These were the thoughts running through my head as I listened to Beethoven’s 7th. I thought of man as only reaching his height through art, music, literature, philosophy and dance; when man is trying to express the ineffable, not when man is dealing with the concrete structures of the world. Ethics, Justice, Politics, Business, they all have their place, but they are simply man’s version of what all societal creatures develop in order to function as a community. It is when man steps out of this realm of transaction, and into the realm of art that his unique character is truly found. Here, he is able to abstract and reach the divine. Here, he is able to communicate on a plain even higher than ordinary language.
So that I may not be misunderstood, I must explain that I love philosophy and all of its branches. I love ethics, logic, epistemology, and this love even spreads to things like anthropology, science, psychology. I think these are all notable and worthwhile endeavors. Yet, my being feels a greatness much more. My spirit is the same as a Beethoven, a Walt Whitman, an Isadora Duncan, a Pablo Picasso. There is a necessity for philosophy to articulate the need of the human spirit to be nourished artistically. This is the appeal of existentialism to me, the effort of Heidegger, the life of Nietzsche, the values of the true philosopher.
What is my want from studying philosophy? My answer has multiple facets. I want to be able to continue to study what it is I love. I want to be able to live more fully and help those in my life to as well. I want to be well equipped to teach the generations to come, whether as a mother to my children, or a teacher to students. I want to emphasize the importance of art and its need to be a focus of human life, an ideal in which to aspire to, not a corporation or a marketing tool. I want to continue to enrich myself and others through conversation. I want a life that has purpose and meaning. My love of wisdom has the genuine and pure roots. The study of philosophy is not a means to another end, but the end itself. With that said, I do understand the need for practically, and I am not so much a dreamer that I believe the ideal I have will ever be realized, or if I even want it to be realized here.
I just want to dance while Dana plays guitar.
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