By Jeremy M. - Posted on 26 April 2011


Standing at the edge of the world

The waves flowing over the side

Into impending nothingness.

Take one last breath.


We sailed away from the shoreline

Raised the anchor

Strove forth like valiant youth we were

And funny now how we are knocking on heaven's door.


Captain, Captain!

Before the sail breaks!
Hold fast.

“The current's too strong” the first mate yelled.


“Service the anchor!

We've all paid our price lads

And God is our captain.

Change your direction.”


His beard was drenched with water

He grabbed me and yelled, spitting in my face with such vigor.

“We'll part the sea.”

The mast fell

“Don't come with me”


Thunder made a nice soundtrack

His words went on deaf ears with the noise

Lightning struck the bow

He was dead.



Abandon All Ships.

This is the time to die.

And we will jump to our deaths.


Looking at what we built

As it goes over the sides into oblivion

Perdition reigns from the sky

The currents strong.


Too strong.

So I bid you adieu.

Service the anchor

Abandon all ships.


So this is heavily heavily based on a song called "Take One Last Breath" by Abandon All Ships. I love this band, they use a lot of pop electro elements, auto tuned harmony vocals with classic hardcore elements its pretty cool. This poem uses a lot of the language from their song but also provides description and a mini-story to the whole thing. Hopefully you'll get what I mean if you listen to the song (which I will link below). Its supposed to be raw passion, super serious, as if you were immediately facing death in the most dramatic way possible. Good stuff.


Song (With Lyrics):



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