By dnolan - Posted on 19 April 2010

Brother's Keep (1992) documents the curious affair of the Ward brothers of Munnsville, New York. Directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, Brother's Keeper follows Delbert, Lyman and Roscoe Ward in the aftermath of their brother William's death in 1990.

Delbert was accused of the murder by suffocation of his brother William as they shared the same bed. The Wards had been farmers and that's that. They were uneducated in the strictest sense, but their rustic simplicity presents a wisdom which the highest of scholars might never attain.

Brother's Keeper invades the heart with a silence, a nostalgia for the honor of men and community so strangely exhibited, but true in its righteousness. Beyond this, Brother's Keeper disturbs the viewer by engaging him in the conflict of compassion and duty.

Film available at Geisel Library


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