By kmartel - Posted on 25 February 2011



Catch Me If You Can



My life began in 469 BC,

in the ancient land of Athens, 

which gave birth to Western philosophy.

Conversing by the Coliseum is where I’d reside;

pondering life’s questions consumed most of my time.

I didn’t do this for money,

no my lessons were free;

I had little concern for material possessions nor the practice of sophistry.

The clever man can dazzle and appear to be what is not, 

though through the teachings of rhetoric,

truth is never taught.

Honest philosophy is uncomfortable;

it can judge us or force us to judge ourselves.

Ask yourself,

“What does it profit a man to have a keen understanding, but not live well?”

Sophia is my child whom I cherish, nurture, and love;

a virtue of the highest universal form,from the world of being, above.

I followed her beauty, though fellow citizens couldn’t understand;

claiming I was corrupting the youth,

they banned me from their land.

A purpose placed upon me by the mortal man,

no comparison,

to the guiding voice from within.

Rather than wandering, I acted out of honor,

making my telos to be remembered as philosophy's martyr.

Little did they know, their punishment, 

in truth, was my reward.

Ignorance of small minds restricts the soul from moving toward,

the only idea worth aligning with one’s focus;

the Good,

the flaming fire, which awoke us

and broke us out of the cave,

freeing our being.

We’re no longer appearances’ slave. 




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