By Doña María - Posted on 30 September 2010

Cerebral Whispers by Dona Maria


Do not love me. Ghouls laugh

and call you lame.

You would not love

my flashing brain.


Don't! Do not! Mustn't!

Gullible pigeons, you are the cotton;

was it not clear?


Whom else do I hear

so often but you-


Freshman Prophet,

listen to your words.


"I ex-plod-ed my seminar's mind today,

and will again on Wednesday.

I'm the only smart one in the rooooom!

Prof loves me, everyone else annoys him.

Why? Oh, because I listen

and don't ask stupid questions."


Questions are not stupid!

You are not stupid!

You are just young

and too safe.


Sophomore Prophet,


"I write my papers in an hour,

and get LIKE a B+...

Imagine if I spent time editing?

One time I busted out

a research paper,


In LIKE an hour,

my H.S. teacher told me I was gold

and off toward Harvard Square

where they got Latin and shit on doors."



ashamed, though

will not hide this ti-



All in all and furthermore,


with like





Jeremy M.'s picture

I love this.


Sophomore Prophet reminds me of myself, especially considering its a nigh direct quote from yours truly.


Now I feel arrogant as hell.





Always afraid to be thus

Always worried, prefacing questions

"I'm not trying to be arrogant but"

Who the hell is trying to be arrogant?


This feeling pervades all aspects of life

Found everywhere

Ruining the best of men

Creating worthless elitism


Hubris. Not only the issue of the tragic hero

Also the issue of modern life.

So now I too, like Odysseus will strive forth

On mine own odyssey, to return to who I am.


This will hurt.



I think in those first few stanzas the author admits of some terrible things as well.

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