By Jeremy M. - Posted on 19 September 2011

An Excerpt From My Fake Manifesto - A Manifesto of Non-Collective Bargaining, of Individual Expression, of Striding Forth, of Dealing With the Teleological-Suspension of the Ethical, of the End of Self-Reflection, Introspection, and Other “ion” Words


AKA – What a Philosophy Final Should Be


An Example of Why I Know Nothing


Words Written to Approximately Twenty Cups of Water and Big Band


by Jeremy Munro


The End of Self-Reflection, The Rise and Subsequent Loss of Dignity and Why Minor Threat, Eagles, and 3 AM Winter Nights Saved Your Life


On one hand this is and is not a manifesto. On the other, it is a manifesto that is not a manifesto within a manifesto that is not a manifesto. Manifesto. Regardless of the name given to it (manifesto just sounds really cool and semi-esoteric) it is an explanation of series of stated beliefs. Note that they are stated beliefs rather than my beliefs. The reason for this is almost all the time I have no clue about four things:


  1. What I am actually talking about

  2. What I actually believe

  3. What I actually want to believe

  4. What other people actually believe


If it suits you extrapolate this and apply it to your own life, I am not sure if its a universal experience (see reason number one and four).


Part One – The End of Self Reflection


Self-Reflection ended on an utterly arbitrary day, November or Early December of either last year or the year before or the year before that, but not the year before that. Self-Reflection also rose two weeks ago on move in day after its premature death last May.

It was dark out, winter had set in with no vengeance which was very polite of it. Young Jeremy walked outside to snowball fights and yellow lights, drunk people cascading forth in snowy waves talking of freedom, youth, and temporal affairs. They fit the symbolism of snow perfectly. The light was more yellow than normal and 3 AM had a feeling of freedom, everyone else was asleep except these few soldiers Young Jeremy did not know. Anarchy reigned held together by former social convention. If only the old anarchists could live in that moment instead of perpetual discord. Self-Reflection ended in that moment, what was the self in the face of the recognition of a great moment?


Part Two – The Rise and Subsequent Loss of Dignity


Dignity rose, it peaced out because of bad whiskey. This is not a dope experience for barely younger Jeremy.


Part Three – Why Minor Threat, Drawings of Eagles and 3 AM Winter Nights Saved Your Life


Minor Threat was the impetus, Eagles formed the middle core and winter nights gave the atmosphere. If those three things happened together we'd all be better for it. Also Fugazi might not have happened, but that would be really sad because Fugazi is pretty dope. If those things happened together we wouldn't have needed the New Beat. The New Beat. We wouldn't have had the Shape of Punk to Come because I'm pretty sure the Refused wouldn't have Fugazi as a reference, this is just a guess.





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