By Justine Johnson - Posted on 26 August 2010

 i hated it at the time because my feet were tired and my hips ached but every rushing moment of being lost in a city full of summer-time nightowls and inebriated twenty-somethings was soaked up like water in a sponge. we walked in a big circle around numerous universities that i was too exhausted to differentiate between. i smelled like sweat and the beer that the guy on E standing next to me sloshed down my arm. the two of them were ahead of us, love sick and walking fast. i was annoyed. i dragged myself along the uneven sidewalk; he slowed down to hold my hand. i kept my paranoid and sympathetic eye on the deeply shaded gardens to my right in case a woman needed help. we passed the same group of stoop-kids a few times. i recognized one from the show. i craved the taste of alcohol on my lips and in my blood stream and i could not wait until we got back to our house. i noticed the slight shift of my attitude matched with that of my urban surroundings. i felt fast and on-track and swallowed. the overuse of energy from buildings around us kept us warm.

we found our car parked by an art school. we welcomed the typicality.


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and the typicality fed my pride

as i begged for something real

putting life in crayon on the wall

just above my head

towering higher above that

and all the while

laughing was what was there

which i did not record

because typicality fed my pride

i envied

i replied

i am not



Ave atque Vale

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