By ThisMessageRepeats - Posted on 08 November 2011

Hide in your eyes, mirrors tell the worst lies.

     I’ve been doing a lot of observation lately. Not for any particular reason, I was just starting to notice commonalities in people on campus. There are a couple of different categories of which I’d like to elaborate on. The goal of my personal observations was mostly to answer the question, “Why is my school called St. C’s?” in addition to the question, “Why do people enjoy going home so much if they’re in college?” 

     Being enrolled in an exceptional liberal arts college, one would expect a lot of academic talent in the student body. Wrong. More and more, I realize that most people are lacking a grasp on maturity and intellect. This is grouped into two sub-sections, of which answer both of my original questions. 

     Kids who have been sheltered their whole lives who desire to claim “independence” is one of these groups. They party. They don’t go to class. They go crazy. They ruin everything. And what is the consequence? Mommy and Daddy come running to buy their precious son a brand new pair of fucking pants from Ralph Lauren and make sure Bobby has enough good winter clothes from the Gap to survive the cold. These kids have no moral intelligence, could be A-B students, make terrible decisions and expect everything to be handed to them. Enough facebook friends to last a lifetime and plenty of tagged red solo cup pictures and they don’t mind a D+ on their last humanities essay. They are the loudest people and most outgoing, so this is why the term St. C’s has erupted across New England. 

     2nd group of people I have come across: sheltered kids who have no desire for independence but are seeking “to fit in.” They join lackluster group activity organizations, gain 1-2 friends that they drag to all activities, and pretend that they provide some sort of service to the fucking school. Most probably went to a catholic school where the workload was a joke. So all of the sudden when they actually get work they get pissed and end up spending 5 hrs a day on hw to try to compensate for the fact that they weren’t prepared for college, while still claiming “my high school was SO legit.” This group has also been handed everything to them, so most have no cleaning skills or intelligence because their parents have been doing everything for them their whole lives. Which leads to them constantly talking to their parents, becoming their parents, and going home every weekend to make themselves feel better about not enjoying college because it actually requires working and self-management. Because these students can’t fathom maturing or doing things for themselves, they seek the thing most familiar to themselves: their parents. They never come to find themselves, they continue their childish tendencies because who’s stopping them? No one at school because they’re never there, and certainly not their parents who don’t want precious Cindy to feel uncomfortable :(. This is why so many people go home. 

     I thought for so long that college was going to be a new world. A new place where I could enjoy my morning breakfast and be able to talk about philosophy or culture when I desired to do so, while also being able to enjoy casual conversation about music and entertainment. Wrong again. Eating dinner with the few people that share my interests and think for themselves, I witness: bros yelling across the dining hall, bitches complaining about food, athletes acting like they run the place, it’s like high school all over again. And then I realized, this is the world. A lot of kids don’t grow up anymore. Walking back to my dorm, I’m surprised I haven’t seen any bros savoring the last bit of snow on the ground to have a little impromptu snowball fight. Should this have to be a surprise? 

Conclusion: Maybe I should stop observing.


Editors Note:

This reached the desk of an editor, he thought it was a dose of honesty. In the end, its one person's perspective, not the universal.


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