By dnolan - Posted on 05 September 2010

How to Make Me Cry


see a school of fish not my dignity

rebel against community as mechanism

show a fire


see as a pauper and pity me

assign me no significance


i will cry the tears of angels

then i will be fufilled


tell me what no one will hear

if truth, i will cry right there

if lies, i will cry later

in my bed, screaming


make victims of inconsiderate violence

hit me by chance

i will cry rebellion


choose and latch to a problem

learn it, know it, speak of it widely

i will cry for me and it


see me as a fish and love me as a friend

i will not cry then






*** Moments which produce words like this are intermediary; say my a reading in philosophy put me to sleep and i wake to shake the cob webs, not yet ready to labor again. It isn't premeditated in anything but experience. Words with this or that time come together and speak with the jargon of my thought's history... it comes from the ether overpowering any logic, but logic is not bad, it follows like a good friend knowing that there is a time to be a side-kick and a time to be a hero. Assisting softly is my reason and bursting kindly is my spirit. Don't think fire, it is stale.


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