By Doña María - Posted on 20 March 2010

Poll: "Do they exile people anymore?"

Pause no answer.

Poll: "I'd rather they exile than kill. But I guess no country would be willing to accept such a criminal. Maybe we could just drop them off in a remote location, not to leave them to die, but make sure that there are other people around whom he could work his way into cooperation with. Or, he could continue his ways and maybe murder again. But can you quantify death? There's no value in death; there seems some in life due to the individual nature- the separate embodiment of life force- but I guess if we say that death is the elimination of lively separation- then I guess- wouldn't that mean that life force is as a whole-as all things together- that are unified by the same end? And as a whole the same as death, an existence not separate? So I guess what I’m saying is that life and death must be equal, nothing disappears. So why kill a man and call it justice when life and death are the same? It seems like a contradictory argument. Do not kill a man who kills because it doesn’t matter and his killing is just the same as everything else. So while I am allowing one to kill, I prevent the other on the pretext that one is natural and the other false and call it justice. But yet, I advocate exile and so admit that justice is necessary or right. But I’m stuck now. What do you think?”

Ald: “Strange. Ideas and actions are real to me. So is the big sloppy mess they create.”

Poll: “Yeah, confusion and its expression through nonsense, which is exactly my forte.”

A smile flashed and faded from Poll’s face. It was timid recognition begging mercy for his unnecessary exposure of mental viscera. However, it only flashed. He turned the wheel with casual attentiveness, conscious of body and mind. Onto the street of their destination, his eyes showed a double-tasking. On the one hand, they practically absorbed the surroundings, focused on the movements, and noted the expedient paths of doing. On the other hand, this exactitude which required awareness of the greater workings was the same awareness that could not ignore the abyss that lay behind the physics. So his eyebrows raised, his mouth relaxed, the lower lip yielding to its weight- relaxed and alert- contemplative and engaged. Into the parking lot of the Bell Point Apartments, the sticky crinkle of turning rubber on pavement and the prominence of engine rumble as a car eases to a stop slowed his temper and prepared him for the complexity of human relation. Passenger and driver breath.



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