By Justine Johnson - Posted on 27 April 2010

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This is amazing. What is it made of?

 it was created on a website that i found last night called scribbler. it's a free drawing space with a lot of cool and interesting effects. such a time sink, i'll tell you.

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I tried it out. It is remarkable. I make a simple line drawing that means nothing, but as the algorithm transforms it, I start to have an emotional reaction to it, like to a work of art, but there is no author in the normal sense. I guess you could see it as tool for making your own art, but I have no clue how it works or how it will transform what I draw. Very Inteeresting! Maybe I'll use it in Humanitides to talk about Picasso. Thanks! Your pieces are beautiful. I wish I could see what you started with. I wish you could scribblerize images you upload.

 thank you! i agree about humanities; i was trying out some picasso-esque drawing last night.

there is an image upload function that you can use to alter photos or graphics with the drawing tool. it looks like it creates a second layer to the image and you can draw on/over that. i follow a few photographers on flickr who have done that to some of their photos. looks awesome. i'm obsessed with this thing.

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