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"Let us bring to daylight the impulses of midnight contemplation."

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Abandon All Ships.


Standing at the edge of the world

The waves flowing over the side

Into impending nothingness.

Take one last breath.


We sailed away from the shoreline

Raised the anchor

Strove forth like valiant youth we were

And funny now how we are knocking on heaven's door.


Captain, Captain!

Before the sail breaks!
Hold fast.


The Magnolia in Front of the Dana Center

Apr 23, 2011



Lucubrations Artistic Tuesday Photos and Recordings

Lucubrations Artistic Tuesday Album


Recordings in Order:

1. Dana Nolan and Valerie Stein Jamming on Guitar and Violin.

2. Cedric Ashley reading a poem.

3. Dana Nolan Screaming a poem accompanied by Valerie Stein on Violin

4. Jeremy Munro reading Bukowski

5. Tom Hickey reading a poem.

6 and 7. Valerie Stein on Violin

Through The Lens Of A Watchmaker


The proud pines scratched the sky in swaying unison

And the soft floral creatures rambled between tangled roots

Foraging for flair, sniffing out the rare words

That once grew and splashed in tune with the rushing stream


You cannot speak of these stolen words with any soul

For the dark pines screamed and scratched that angry stranger

Fine Arts Flickr Gallery of Juried '11

Fine Arts Flickr Gallery of Juried '11

and miles to go before i sleep

and miles to go before i sleep

the woods are lovely, dark and deep,

but i have promises to keep,

and miles to go before i sleep,

and miles to go before i sleep.

(09 april 2011

peterborough, new hampshire)

Photos from Sketchbook Exhibit Trip to Portsmouth and Portland, Maine

Sketchbook Exhibit Trip

with stops at Portsmouth Museum of Art and The Main College of Art in Portland.


If You Aren't Living Passionately, What The Hell Are You Doing?


If you aren't living passionately, what the hell are you doing?


By Jeremy Munro


      It was Opening night at the gallery. It might as well have been a gala event, a red carpet premiere as far as I was concerned. All the awesome people were attending and my coworkers were excited as well. We all love the student show. I showed up twenty minutes early in my black dress pants, brown dress shoes, blue skinny tie, and tan dress shirt. If my mother found out I was clashing this much she'd kill me.

Three Pictures of Humanity


Three Pictures of Humanity


by Jeremy Munro


# 1 – The Hipster


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