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"Let us bring to daylight the impulses of midnight contemplation."

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Part One: Trapped By A Dream

So I've been kicking around doing a multi part poem/story thing that I publish once a week. Actually, I haven't really been kicking around the idea, it just came into my head 4 minutes ago after I wrote this poem.



As he sat there

In the crowded room

And felt reality crowd in

Thicker than ever


He saw a parting of the mists.

That Exit sign over the door beckoned to him

This was his chance

To break out of the dream.

I'm Having a Baby

I am throbbing with violent labor pains,

I am pregnant,

with life,

with words,

with beauty,

my baby's head is protruding from my...

ok I know it sounds weird but give me a break I just started,

oh boy! Here it comes,

excuse me as I sream in pain,


It has arrived,

nacked, red, wailing with the umbilical chord still attached,

but it will grow to be great and beautiful

The Shape of Diversity Mural Project Culmination

The Shape of Diversity Community Mural Project is working its way to its conclusion this week and we need your contribution. Finish and contribute your image. You can complete it and bring it with you on Saturday.

imageThis image by Jenna Jarosz

We will be looking over the images people have contributed on Saturday and choosing those to be incorporated into the final mural. Make sure your image of what is important about our life as a community is seen and becomes part of our record of the project. The schedule of events this weekend is below along with the links to RSVP on Facebook.

If you've signed up for times to help this weekend don't forget to also complete an image and bring it with you.



Not as morbid as you might think. I never liked the stigma death had. If you are a salvation type person then shouldn't you be happy? Unless you think said person went to hell I guess. And atheists shouldn't care overly much. Death is very liberating if it is the next step and if it isn't then the world probably has no meaning anyway. Or it still does. Who knows.






Being tossed

Off a mid level office building

Or rocky cliff

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