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"Let us bring to daylight the impulses of midnight contemplation."

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What is it about the late night?

What is it about the late night?

I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm not focused

yet up I sit and up I stay

staring at a screen, waiting on a wheel

that spins round, and round, and round

internet's slow, everyone online, but I don't mind

it's odd but I'm content to sit, to watch

to ponder, but ponder's too heavy, I'm not doing much

just sitting haunched, squinting with out glasses

excited about this new world, this new place

where I am free, I can be creative, I can express!

me, do I want myself here? putting it on the line

in front of strangers, people I don't know, never met, never saw

I'm scared, but exhilarated, who cares?! I'm here!

I'm free to be, free to think, to hope, to dream

it's late I need sleep, classes to survive

but up I sit and up I stay

What is it about the late night?

Living Things

These are just some photos from this summer taken at the Cleveland Zoo in August.

Full Album here:

 Living things

2015 NYC Picasso Exhibit

 Images from trip to NYC and the Picasso Exhibit at MOMA.

 Full Album"

 Images from trip to NYC and the Picasso Exhibit at MOMA.

Audio from Open Mic at the 2011 Open House

The Quality isn't the best and we missed the beginning (Jeremy Munro's epic introduction). The recording starts in the middle of Justine Johnson's reading, and then in order appear Tyler Lavallee, Prof. Banach, Valerie Stein, Lauren Miller, and Valerie Stein again. Thanks to all the performers. We had a great time!

Alaskan King Crab (At Least Thats What Kind Of Crab Matt Told Me It Was)


This pain is deniable as it is debatable. This pain is strong as it is weak. Obtained at the hand of natures beast as it writhed and wriggled in anger at being caught by the tenacious predator known as man, its final charge, its final insult, its final wound inflicted is the sharp spike plunged into skin. At first a minor pain, but afterwards the innumerable holes ache, made worse by the saltwater still lurking around in his body. This being from depths never seen by the eater is taken out of its habitat and consumed with voracity. It is delicious.



Man, I always thought it was funny how eating crab or lobster can be hard and kind of painful. Its like a last screw you to us shellfish eating human beings. It is tasty.

Super Sprayer

It's absolutely amazing what can be done with spray paint and some magazine pages.

the thirteenth step

the thirteenth step

 broken 50mm

smoke & mirrors



 the night of the red dwarves, the night when we let go.


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