Lucubrations Open House

at Freshman Orientation
Saturday the 28th
2 PM

Bradley House 1st floor Lounge
(The big white building next to the water tower. across from coffee shop.)

A Chance for Freshman (and anyone else) to learn about Lucubrations ( St. Anselm's online Cultural Magazine), see what people have been creating over the summer, make plans for the first Fall Issue, and get to know some new people. 

There will be Food and Refreshments as well as an Open Mic, Slideshows, Faculty and Student Art, and more. Everyone is welcome.

 If you have some art or photos, can play an instrument, have some poetry, or can do anything creative, bring it along and share it with us, if you like. 

Lucubrations is a Cultural Magazine for the Saint Anselm Community.
It publishes creative work in any medium, including art, music, photography, film, poetry, literature, philosophy, and commentary,  both informal and formal settings. We welcome participation from all members of the community including students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the monastery.
"Let us bring to daylight the impulses of midnight contemplation."

Lucubrations is online at
The word lucubrations is based on the Latin word lucubrare and means study by candlelight, nocturnal study or meditation, and the writings or thoughts that result. You can find out more about what it what it does here:


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To submit work to Lucubrations, you can send email to
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