By Jeremy M. - Posted on 15 March 2011

Last night (3/14/11) Lucubrations held its first Open Mic since our inception. The turnout exceeded expectations and there were acts ranging from passionate songs, angry poetry, and hilarious comedy (as opposed to unfunny comedy).

The event was held in the Comiskey Center Black Box Theater, giving the perfect atmosphere for an Open Mic. The atmosphere was made better by creative seating placement and stage design by the talented Justine Johnson who arrived very early to setup. Lucubrations would like to thank the Fine Arts Department and Professor Asbury for their permission to use the space.

Professor Banach made delicious pulled pork for sandwiches and his famous homemade bread which met with great approval from all.

We hope to plan more Open Mics and events in the future thanks to all the postive feedback.

Great job to all who performed and great job to the attentive audience for their support without which no artist, musician, poet, or comedian could ever get support to do what they do.

I would also like to thank Lauren Miller for creating the beautiful poster with which we advertised.

Here are the list of performers/musicians/poets/comedians and my attempt to describe the glory they performed:

1. Tom Hickey - Comedy from the great Woody Allen

2. Vincent Maniscalco - A Poem on a napkin. We think he might have singlehandedly created a new genre.

3. Professor Banach - Great image based poetry on love

4. Jeremy Munro - Cover of La Dispute songs about the nature of love and being cheated on.

5. Andrew Mueskes - Sweet, sweet acoustic songs of passion.

6. Veronica Amaya and Kevin Comoletti - A musical quest into the sunset with two guitars.

7. Justine Johnson - Poetry and musings on life and scenes from the past.

8. Tyler Lavallee - Residet campus funnyman. Great standup comedy about a woman's ideal man, fashion, and sports

9. Christopher O'Brien, Brittany Yost, and Tom Hickey - Cutting edge improv.



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