By Justine Johnson - Posted on 26 September 2010

 the hike up mount monadnock was intense and brutal and worth it. the views were spectacular. i loved the burnt oranges and reds of prematurely turned leaves next to the stubborn greens confused by the unseasoned warmth. ponds and lakes and shadows from clouds. it was beautiful.

my body is tender with the ache from a healthy over-exertion. i feel revitalized.


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I really like this picture . It is beautifully composed with the triangle of the water meeting the upside down triangle of rock that frames the sky, as if the point at which they meet is a this magical confluence of earth, water, and sky, setting ablaze the the reds of the grass that borders it. Good eye! I'm jealous that I didn't see it ;)

Jeremy M.'s picture

Revitalized is definitely the right word for it. I feel like I do after a good show, which is to say I feel very sore. It is the best kind of sore though, because everytime my body hurts it reminds me of what I did and the feelings of that day. It reminds me I'm stronger and worth more than I give myself credit for.


Plus, sometimes you just need to get really tired and get the crap kicked out of you so you can feel whole again.



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