By Staff - Posted on 05 October 2010

Ode to the Drunk Guys Outside the Window

By Anonymous


Your incoherent yells and hey-ohs

Provide nightly shows of entertainment

For the girls on the third floor.


Collectively, you are the drunk guys outside the window,

And collectively, your band of characters

Playing ninja in a circle and noisily loitering

Outside the steps at midnight last night

Led to me immortalizing you in a poem, unbeknownst to you.


Your shouts are loud, but their meanings lost

Among the slurred words and exclamations

Of “Thirsty Thursday” even if it’s Wednesday.


We don’t know why you congregate here in your brotherhood.

We can’t understand your language.

But we yell out at you anyways,

As you look around in confusion, wondering

Where that voice came from.


Maybe one day you’ll yell out in your intoxicated state and some girl

Will answer, and true love will bloom.

But please know, we have no idea what your actually saying. 

We just live here.

But enjoy the nightly antics, of you,

The drunk guys outside the window.

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Whoever wrote this deserves an awesome award.

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