By Staff - Posted on 02 October 2010

Out of the Shadows 


Out of the Shadows


Head down,

There was little warning.

She’d come to the forest edge

Where hot rays of sun,

 Eager to be felt,

Swallowed morning fog;


A few steps more

And she’d be clear

Of shadows and ravines.

She squatted among thinning trees,

Dodging spears of light,

And held her ground.


Ahead, all colors and scurrying life,

Daisies and buttercups.

Also ahead,

Blood sucking ticks and untold vermin.

And that voice in her head

Hold your ground.”


Still, in time ground was given,

And given again.

She was called into the open

First, by a frightened child.

In time she’d assemble

A band of bold girls.

Together they’d venture

Out of the shadows



by Dan Forbes, MSW
Director of Service Education


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