By Jeremy M. - Posted on 20 February 2011

So I've been kicking around doing a multi part poem/story thing that I publish once a week. Actually, I haven't really been kicking around the idea, it just came into my head 4 minutes ago after I wrote this poem.



As he sat there

In the crowded room

And felt reality crowd in

Thicker than ever


He saw a parting of the mists.

That Exit sign over the door beckoned to him

This was his chance

To break out of the dream.


But all the institutions of society

Social interactions, convention

and Common decency

Stopped him.


They were all lies to pen him in.


dbanach's picture

I like this poem, and I like it even more with the introduction to it. The social conventions that make us present even our poetry in certain ways, according to certain conventions are all just lies to pen us in. 

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