By Justine Johnson - Posted on 24 February 2010

imagedo you remember when we met up with them for lunch during our layover in atlanta? we ate at that diner on the that side street. i was sixteen and young and budding. i took photographs of the fork and the spoon and the ring of coffee around that chunky white mug. the waiter was brash and mean but somehow incredibly endearing seeing as he knew we were outsiders and he was a native. he poked fun at us for that entire hour. i remember the how the sun looked that day. georgian sun is radically different compared to rhode island sun. it slows things down. it slows things down.

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I remember the time we met at that diner in Georgia. The kind that stays open 24 hours. It was early spring, I was seventeen, and we had just finished a week of intensive training at Hilton Head, South Carolina for the upcoming lacrosse season. My body had been screaming at me all week. My muscles were sore, my joints ached, and a plaguing injury gnawed at the back of my mind - but it was worth it just to see the dolphins swimming parallel to us during our early morning runs on the beach. Waking well before dawn, we packed into a van to begin our drive to the airport in Georgia. The van stopped at this small diner on the side of the road. We tumbled out, half asleep. Sitting in the diner we were silent, too tired to talk. The server came and I broke the silence by ordering a cheeseburger. It was 6:30 in the morning. By the afternoon, we were back home in Rhode Island. Greeted by the frigid air and snow, the sun was colder. Less forgiving and not at all encouraging.

"If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody."

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