By Staff - Posted on 14 October 2011

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Seven Deadly Sins by Deana Del Vecchio

 This was an honors project for Philosophy 105, Nature and the Human Person

I am a sophomore Physics student who has a great appreciation for art and uses photography as a

means of expression.



This project revolved around the Seven Deadly sins and trying to capture the essence of what they

actually are. Each person is the sin in action.



I did not want to portray Sloth simply as physical laziness, but rather as depressed state of mind.

I positioned Sloth at a junction between two roads. Symbolically, I wanted to represent this as

the decision crossroad where a person must make a choice between giving up on life or pursuing

life to the fullest. Sloth is sitting underneath because he hasn’t chosen to go down either, but his

refusal to choose is actually a choice.



I chose to depict Envy as a school girl since that is a stereotype of innocence and purity. This

school girl, though, is envious of the car which is contrasted against the bicycle she sits upon. In

her right hand she holds the keys to the car, and the word ‘mine’ is scratched right below.



My aim for this sin was to show that gluttony is the hoarder of material goods (such as food)

to the point that these goods no longer bring pleasure. I tried to show this by having Gluttony

going from one food to the next. Her body is resting on an empty bucket of popcorn while she

squirts whipped cream into her mouth, but she is not enjoying that food because she is already

concentrating on finishing up the cream to devour the cupcake resting on her stomach.



Wrath is dressed as a moderated, yet somewhat fashionable, gothic girl. My generation views

Goths as being people filled with pent up anger that they express through their style. Wrath has

gone past the point of expressing her emotions through her dress, and has put her emotion into

action by willingly harming someone else. She is shown to be standing with a shovel around a

freshly turned grave with the hint of a person’s arm poking out through the dirt.



This was by far the hardest sin to portray. Pride is not only a mindset, but also a way of life that

expresses itself through a person’s actions. I tried to capture one of these moments by having

Pride walking down a set of steps where in the background the viewer sees a few girls pointing

and being all excited to see him (or so he thinks) while he casually acknowledges their existence

with his upturned hand.



Lust is shown debating between pieces of paper that have names written on them. She is selecting

which man to have for the moment and which one to have for later.



Greed is shown to be taking money from charity. He cares so much more for the accumulation of



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