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Jun 18 2010 8:00 pm
Jun 20 2010 8:00 pm


with Professor Josephson of the Politics Department



June 18th, 19th and 20th at 8:00pm

All performances at The Amato Center for the Performing Arts



----The Andronici (Titus and his immediate family) ----
TITUS (a Roman General): Brett Mallard
LAVINIA (his daughter): Jessica Scalese
LUCIUS (his eldest son): Rich Hurley
QUINTUS (his 2nd eldest son): Scott Katrycz
MARTIUS (his 3rd eldest son): John Kneeland
MUTIUS (his youngest son): Michael Johnson
MARCUS (his brother): Peter Josephson
YOUNG LUCIUS (his grandson): Devin Coles

---- THE ROMANS (other than the Andronici) ----
SATURNINUS (Emperor of Rome): Mike Zuccola
BASSIANUS (his brother): Marc Pelletier
AEMILIUS (a tribune): Neal Blaiklock
ATILIUS (a tribune): Ryan Jennings
CAIUS (a servant to Sat.): Christine Murphy
GENEVRA (a nurse): Jennifer Mallard
DELFINA (a nurse): Elizabeth Chiesa

VALENTINE (a kinswoman to Titus): Christin Clohosey
PUBLIUS (a kinswoman to Titus): Kasey McNulty

---- the VISI-GOTHS (captured and otherwise) ----
TAMORA (Queen of Goths, later Empress of Rome): Sharon Lajoie
AARON (her lover): Babak Alian

ALARBUS (her son): Chris Joy
DEMETRIUS (her son): Dylan Gamblin
CHIRON (her son): Steven "Dingo" Ihde
THEOVAR (trans, "People's Guard"): Mel Bucklin
HATHUS (trans, "Fierce Fighter"): Cory Cocchiaro
BEREMUD (trans, "Bear"): Rob Doe
VULFILA (trans, "Wolf"): Katelynn Dvorack
SVINTHILA (trans, "Divine Peace"): Bethany Bedard
KELDA (trans, "fountain"/"spring"/"well"): Sarah Argenbright


Production Team:

Producers: Trish Ward & Andrea Stasio

Director: John Sefel

Stage Manager: Lisa DeFazio

Assistant Stage Manager: Lisa Pike

Fight Director: Bob Haas

Make-up Designer: Kurt Bergeron

Tech Director: Tom Morgan

Lighting Designer: Craig Brennan

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