By Jeremy M. - Posted on 10 January 2011



Everyone I meet

Seems to be playing the A-Side.


My friends and I

Are all playing the B-Side.


No reason

To feel sad at all anymore.


Our lives spin

Around the turntable universe


Each track

A new stage of life


Lets make

It all worth it.


For some

Their lives only need a seven inch.


We'll take

At least a ten inch, maybe a twelve.


Its all because

We're not sad anymore.


And we realized

No one will ever understand us.


Every moment

The world steps away from us


Just like they

Want nothing to do with our music


Whether it is

The screaming or the music of our life we'll never know.


Perhaps our only crime

Is feeling too much.


Either way

We're not sad anymore.


So we'll step away

From the authority and our fellows.

This isn't some

Existentialist call to arms.

Its a call

To stop being down.


To stop caring

About what we think about ourselves.


To call people on their hypocrisy

And more importantly our own.


The record

Might keep turning


The needle creating

Noise, or beautiful music.


We'll take the music

And it'll be good music.


From that first moment

When the record starts


The listener won't change

It back to the A-Side.


The A-Side is a crowd pleaser

We'll play something on the stage of life

That will confuse or anger

Your A-Side sensibility.


Instead of being a declasse popstar

Let's be a poor pop punk band


Go on tour

Meet some crazy people.


Instead of partying on Friday

Losing ourselves


Let's lose ourselves on Tuesday

In the deepest of conversations


To the tune of the wind

And cigarette smoke.


With hoods raised

Hands in pockets.


Instead of just looking

Around art, pretending


Let's look right at it

Or better yet, make our own that won't even come close.


Instead of intimidating people

With our brotherhood


Lets take minute

And shake the hand


Of each person

Cast aside like an out of date car.


The A-Side might work for you.

And the B-Side isn't for everyone


But we'll show people

Our great B-Side album


Spinning around

As it always has, and will.



I've been still listening to way too much Wonder Years.


dbanach's picture

I like how each of the stanzas has two lines, an A-side and a B-side, except for the one central stanza with 4 lines, which cuts the poem into two sides!


It's funny that there really are no sides to albums anymore, but maybe that obsolesence of sides was part of the message.

Jeremy M.'s picture

Woah I didn't even realize I did that! The central stanza of 4 lines was just an issue of spacing that I didn't catch until you pointed it out, but now I'm definitely keeping it!


I've been getting into vinyl albums lately and I like the idea of sides, its almost like having 2 CDs because you have to get up and change the side, which gives each album 2 different feelings depending on the side.

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