By Staff - Posted on 05 October 2010


 By Samantha Glavin


I slip my toes in and out of my shoes

Rocking from foot to foot

My hand squeezing my elbow.


Time is my enemy.

I suppose it is the curse of all humans

That time changes on us, and is the way we never want it to be.

Why can’t you pass faster during the bad times

And slower during the good

Why must there be this cruel irony.


But back to my anxious feet.

Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

It could have been an hour, or a day

Yet at the end it is the same

There is nothing worse, right then and there, than this goodbye.


It aches, it literally causes physical pain to me

To have to let go, I am stuck in this moment and I can’t get out

Just stay for a minute, just one

I’d give anything for more time right here

To postpone this


Because my hand is glued to the car door

One more we say, one more.

The ache in my stomach continues

Each night it is the same



I could spend every day with you, and never want to see you go.

But I suppose this is the curse, and blessing, of all humans—time

For now, I must say goodbye.



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