By Jeremy M. - Posted on 16 April 2010

As I move life
With hastily picked choices
I question.
Whether what I do is truly good
Whether love is worth it
Whether man is capable of saving himself
Whether I should eat a sub or pizza for lunch.

Sometimes though,
Actually, most of the time
The days choices and vexations grow too much for me
And I think back, to hours of glorious chaos.

Throw the noise in my ears
Drown out the thoughts of failure
The worries about success!
And my own misgivings about everything.

As I stood on that stage
In front of that audience
Or fought in that pit
Taking the collective beatings to bring me sense I think of it all.
The breakdowns, the pile ups, the gang vocals
The moshing, the anthems, the melodies
Crowd surfing, jumping, playing, singing
And most of all, dancing.
Those things save me,
Give me hope
That one day
This will all make sense.
I stood there
With my friends
They have my back
And we're as thick as blood.
* I think this would be better if I read it aloud, but oh well. An old piece I recently refurbished.


dbanach's picture

I enjoyed this in just text!


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