By Jeremy M. - Posted on 01 August 2011


Something, Nothing, and Things.


      Everything about life it seems is made about the difference between doing something and doing nothing. Something is sold as preferable to nothing, except in the case of relaxation/vacations where people wish to do nothing as opposed to something even though they are doing a very clear something. Some thing versus No thing. I don't want to be sold on that ideology, even though it has long become habit. A father would say “What did you do today my son” to which the inevitable response is “I did nothing pops.” This dichotomy is present within our modern greeting as well “Hey man/dawg/bro/guy/dude/friendo/pal/buddy? What are you up to today/right now/some point in the future” which is responded with the following, unless the person is doing Some thing that is not classified as No thing “Nothing much man/dawg/bro/guy/dude/friendo/pal/buddy.” The point of this is we are all very concerned about personally doing something and making sure everyone else is doing nothing so we can include them on our something. The opposite case is where we feel/think we are doing nothing and wish to find someone doing something we could join in on.

      The question that comes to mind is “Is something better than nothing?” I will first point out that nothing really is something so we can discard that immediately and assume the definition of nothing to be that which is not something for the remainder. The entire modern way is based upon doing something over nothing, this is utterly undeniable. Regardless of the definition of something we feel as if nothing is essentially death. Something is very subjective, to one person reading is a something and to another it is a nothing. The point to realize is the danger of feeling as if one is doing nothing. Again, doing nothing is felt to embody death or worse, boredom. There is no way out of this mode of thought, unless one can come to terms with doing nothing, which if done, would lead to utter happiness.


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