By Jeremy M. - Posted on 19 June 2011


Suburbia was never the problem.

The ethical dilemma that faced us as demonic teenagers was

Moving forward in "punk clothes" clutching drum kits and amps tight

Through the washed out backroads of New Hampshire.


Suburbia was never the solution.

The lack of consistency, the omnipresent hypocrisy

Encountered both in school and the venues was

Fighting and arguing for our place

Learning to be self sufficient as punks and rebels who were destined to become twentysomething hipsters.


Suburbia was never considered.

Anarchism, Communism, Socialism, Nihilism, Agnosticism, Atheism were.

Philosophies opposed to the established order became our mantra

They became our Camus-like rebellion

As we yelled and chanted those lyrics to save our souls.


The best thing that could ever happen to a group in rebellion,

Is for their voice to be railed against with all vigor and zeal.

The pressure saying “give up!” will keep any movement going and validate it.

We never had any of that. Suburbia never had any of that.

Suburbia said nothing, it was silent in its ancestral home.


Suburbia never did anything.

Because it never said anything, and we only received support

Things moved on, but as years passed the purpose was lost

Locked away, buried in a chest, plunged into the deeps, never to be seen again in any era.

It turned out, things weren't so bad, it became silly to say Suburbia was the problem.


If you believe things aren't so bad and its time to stop being sad, then why say Suburbia was the problem, when it really wasn't?

It was just an artificial mask to give rebellion credibility.

People could point to Suburbia and say “It wants us down, this system says we can't do it”


Suburbia was never the problem.

Everyone else thought it was, parents became agents

Cops enforcers, of some secretive suburban authority,

Set to keep us down. But it was all a veneer. No one gave a damn about us.

We gave Suburbia nothing, and now we're everything.


 franzen franzen franzen!

this reads in circles but makes so much sense.

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