By Justine Johnson - Posted on 24 February 2010

just this moment, i noticed that i never squeeze out my tea bags anymore. i used to do that, a habit i picked up from my mother, before i would take the sachet out and throw it away. i don’t know when and why i stopped but tonight i was really fascinated with the recoiling effect of the boiling water on my fingers. sharp and severe, the calm-intentioned tea pricked the nerve endings of my fingertips, with a momentary pause, short enough for a quick internal choke but long enough to notice the unmistakable hesitancy.

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What are these habits? They have an aspect of comfort with consistency by making new situations familiar. There is also a superstition, a sort of sacrifice that this habit if done will bring pleasure. You twist expectation by presenting the reward of a habit as something not popularly accepted as pleasure- pain. 

A quick burst of ice from the shower head after a long steaming wash. Kind of similar.

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