By Jeremy M. - Posted on 05 April 2011


Three Pictures of Humanity


by Jeremy Munro


# 1 – The Hipster


      On Tuesday The Hipster took a walk outside in the rain. He rolled his pants up to try to look like a hipster because all his friends said He's a hipster. If they want a hipster, they'll get one. He slugs his messenger bag over his shoulder, wearing a sweatshirt layered over a gray old man cardigan and a v-neck sitting under that. The rain was mostly gone, but the ground was wet. His socks got soaked since he was only wearing moccasins. He was happy. In that rush of happiness that aroused from being shallow he was living life passionately. This is no philistine from Kierkegaard, this was a moment was carefully crafted, planned with utmost precision. Is the passion then only a veneer? Passion might only be spontaneous.


# 2 – The Reflecting Boy In Transition


      While walking I reflected. I was told once a story about a bro who said he had to leave to go to Church. The person with this bro was not a religious man so he asked the bro why. The bro answered “I just feel so bad about how I act and treat people.” I liked this story.


# 3 – The Stressed One


      The Stressed One always ran around from place to place. Always working, never stopping. I admired his work ethic, but spoke against his beliefs. He, like many others, were working themselves into an early grave. Truly the greatest crime of this era is a loss of living life passionately and destruction of the individual. The Stressed One would rather be a cog in the machine, the man in the back than the always underestimated person in the front. The real tragedy is I lack a solution to his problem. Philosophy will not help him, nor will spontaneity as it is always cut too short.



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