By Jeremy M. - Posted on 03 December 2010


All the art gazes away

Instead of following me

With their critical gaze.


They look off

In the distance

Like a couple watching seaside sunsets.


I look off too,

Viewing nothing

Not even their picture frame cages.


Sometimes, just looking

Behold empty space

Sum total of the environment.


St. Sebastian looks up

Staring at the open heavens

Arrows in his side.


From this distance

The black haired girl looks downcast,

Haughty, with scorn and pride.


I've never really looked at them.

Only just stared

We never really look at people.


We only stare at space around

The top of their heads,

Their eyes.


Oh those eyes are the worst.

As many a man

has found himself, lost, in those radiant pools.


Wrote this at work, being bored in between gazing at War and Peace and the gallery itself.

Doña María's picture


Doña María's picture


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