By dbanach - Posted on 10 March 2010

Updates from today's meeting:

Timeline for first issue:
  • Deadline for Submissions, March 19.
  •  March 22-26 Editors selection and layout for first issue.
  •  March 29-31 Final web layout and testing.
  • April 6-9 Publicity and Launch Party

Editors should be
(1) Trying to find contributors and materials for their section.
 (2) Thinking about how they want their section organized.
(3) Networking with faculty in their area to get suggestions and connections to students who might have quality work to submit.
  • We are adding a Film/Theater Section to be run by Professor Asbury and any students that want to help.
  • We are actively soliciting news items on cultural events and happenings, links, and reviews in the various sections.
  • Besides the Commentary section, we will try to have a separate tab in each group for reviews, events, news, or links.
  • We are setting up separate email addresses for the editors of each section for submissions. These will be ready soon, but for now works. Contributors and editors are also encourage to register at the site and post submissions directly. You can use the facebook connect button on the site to register using your facebook information.

We will work on layout of the site and technical problems and matters next week. You should still be posting any problems or suggestions here or on the site wall. I think most people agree that the look of the site needs to be cleaner and less cluttered, so let us know what you think can go.

Random images

  • classmate's work - By: Kimberly Kersey Asbury
  • Mixed Media-2010-784.jpg - By: dbanach
  • Dalton-Party-4225.jpg - By: dbanach