By Ronks - Posted on 04 September 2011

So first of all I hoping I'm posting this to the right section, cause to be honest I have no idea, this is some kind of recount of my night...

My roomate and I were heading back from the coffee shop with the full intention of enjoying our calzones while watching Howl's Moving Castle (awesome movie btw), when we run into a couple people we had previously met. Fighting the urge to be anti-social we strike up a conversation, which goes from Canada to boots, and of course parkour. My roomate has no idea what parkour is. Peter, Phil, and I all agree that it is imperative that she finds out. 

And voila, the four of us are now in JOA looking up videos of parkour, my roomate is shocked, so Peter and I explain the idea of parkour, freerunning, and such. We video hopping on Youtube when we see a video titled parkour death (only fourteen), and I'm freaking out thinking someone has posted a horrible video, to find out it's a tribute, showing a fourteen year boy doing basic parkour tricks, and I admit it wasn't that impressive, but the kid was only fourteen, and then we see the top rated comments... and I hate people, not really but, I hate the inability of some people to have empathy and respect for the dead as well their friends and families.  Online with any death you will find posts that offers their support and prayers for the family and friends, but then you find these other ones the critisize the dead, and it's like a blow to their friends and family. Yes, they may have died because of a lapse of judgement, and maybe its the deceased fault, but posting this and critisizing does nothing to change it, and only makes it worse for those actually dealing with the death. 

Sorry, tangents, they happen.

Anyways, we eventually decide to play Apples to Apples, I love that game, except for the fact most of the time people don't get my humor. The cards I put down are hilarious, I should win way more green cards.  We're joking around I keep choking on my drink, tons of innuedo jokes, (Oh Baby! is way better thanThat's what she said.). We're having a blast, I have to admit one of my best nights here so far.  But then Peter he makes a face says something in some funny voice and I don't know why but all I can think about it my friend Chris.  My thoughts go hmmm... that seems like a face Chris would make, or a joke he would like.  I think this happens to a lot of people, someone reminds them of a friend they had.  But now I can't sleep, tonight was awesome, but memories are running rampant through my mind, and I say hello to nostalgia. I'm not sad. But I can't help but sit here, or rather lay here, while my roomate is sleeping rather soundly on the other side of the room, forego the occasional noise.  And well I'm just laying here thinking, wondering how Chris is, hoping he's happy, at least content, wishing I knew, and of course wondering what if?

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Few things:


I get where you come from on the Apples to Apples... it's not the same when they don't get you.


Second Howl's Moving Castle is a genius movie... it blows my mind.


But mostly...nostalgia consumes most of us at this stage. Puting What and if together makes things harder, it's a death sentence to the wandering sleepless mind. its a dangerous situation in all cases. 

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The best part about this is "and then we decided to play apples to apples."


Top notch.

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