By Jeremy M. - Posted on 12 May 2011


What the end of the year taught me about living deliberately.


      So many moments of intimate conversation. The coffee shop had its distinctive smell. We sat at the usual table. Every night was the same. Sitting around with Ahmed and Justine and a rotating cast of people we know. I'd get back each night late, having a final the next day. Sometimes I just wanted free time after going all day, others I thought studying was in order. At the end of the year though all I wanted to do was to talk.


      Truly living deliberately is being in the moment. The week and a half that was finals this year I savored every single moment. The softball game brought everything to a nice conclusion. The cold, the wind, the rain beating against as we participated in sport. Good food abounded and I saw a lot of people for the last time, maybe forever. At least my last memories will be good memories, like Jon running home while talking on his phone, Ferg's epic slips in the backfield, Cedric's almost grand slam, and Brad just being Brad.


      If you want to know what college is in a nutshell: it is moments like those. Its the four hour conversations, the spontaneous cigarette/convenient store runs that are a big deal because you ride in a car, the cold walks from one end of the campus to the other at 2 AM, the horrible party music and cheesy parties, the classes that blow your mind, being on the hunt for free food, buying food for others, and just generally living. Its a unique experience like no other. It is one part study and mental change and one part change by going through unique experiences.


      Step out onto the street and just listen. Hear the quiet, the daily solace. Breathe in, then breathe in again deeply. Look to the future while respecting the end and living in the present.




 well put.

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