By Jeremy M. - Posted on 18 October 2010

Underneath the very city you know,
Behind these brick walls
Hiding in back alleys
Rural streets
Are explorers.
Though they have not the courage of Drake
Or the arrogance of Cortez
They have the will of Magellan.
Creating and striving as they do
With only optimism to hold onto
They fight not for you or me
But for themselves
Expeditious men.
They lack the luck of Erikson
Or the darkness of Columbus
But hold onto the optimism of Leon, who never gave up on his glorious Fountain.
Eternal youth just might have been found
It is in garages, empty bars, and community centers
Where the fight is endless and
Always worth it.
Pioneers, O Pioneers indeed.
My hands smell like clams.



 mmm throwbacks to whitman are worth it.

lovely lovely. 

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