By Jeremy M. - Posted on 14 February 2012


Jonny D Dialogue 4 - Yo Dude, You're Just Like Everyone Else


“Ya know I have all these abstract thoughts and big plans about apocalyptic conflict.”


“Yea, what about 'em?”


“Well, when it comes to writing, shit is never realized, I never get the feedback and shit, I just write words and they mean nothing the next day, where is the emotional involvement? Writing is just an excuse to drink tea or wine or something I think.”


“Thats bullshit, people love your writing, you're very talented.”


“Now you are sounding like my conscience dude.”


“Maybe I am. I dunno when the scissors get taken to your head who knows what I am. Haircuts are the opportunity to herald in a new era. A new era that you have started with quite well. Your onset stomach ache saved the day today didn't it.”


“How did you know about that?”


“You told me. I think.”


“Right...Well yea. Writing. Shit. Conflicted. I don't really like that girl the way I thought I would. Friendship would be dope. Another hit and a miss. Another Number to add to the list. These cold nights are doing bad things to my propensity to walk. I might just do it anyway. Its early yet. I have all these plans I say I'll do when the time is right, but half the time its just procrastination. Not to mention I have friends to hopefully get back. I miss them more than anything at this point. Fuck stress over this shit. So entitled.”


“Welcome to being human. Buck up. Listen to happy indie music and lets do this haircut.”


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